• Image of Edward Snowden $2 Bill

Voxx Romana, Edward Snowden $2 Bill, 7-Layer Stencil on $2 Bill, Framed and Matted.
Artist: Voxx Romana
Title: Edward Snowden $2 Bill
Medium: Stencil on American currency
Edition: Original one of a kind
Size: 7" x 10" wood frame
Markings: Signed by artist on front and back side, 2018.

Original stencil spray painted on a US $2 bill by artist Voxx Romana, created in 2018. The stenciled currency is beautifully matted and framed, size 7x10 inches. The artwork will be professionally packaged and shipped out with delivery confirmation. The Artwork comes with a letter of authenticity signed by the artist and free stickers.

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